Wellbeing Resources

Wellbeing Resources

A critical part of our mission is to do everything we can to protect the mental health of law enforcement professionals working on sensitive cases. These booklets have been developed to further aid you and your team in your important work, and help keep you in the fight.

The booklets are supported by scientific research and created in collaboration with an expert in the field.

User wellbeing features in the Griffeye Analyze platform

In this guide, you’ll discover several platform features designed to minimize exposure to sensitive material, enabling investigators to solve cases more efficiently and hopefully stay in the fight longer.

Protecting your mental health as a child sexual abuse investigator

This booklet supports investigators handling child sexual abuse cases, offering research, strategies, and guidance for protecting your mental health during these investigations.

Creating a break room to support the mental health of your child sexual abuse investigators

This booklet is primarily designed for supervisors and managers, providing guidance on implementing strategies that promote resilience and protect the wellbeing of staff.