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Welcome to an introduction to Analyze DI for UK investigators
September 3, 2020 Sara Ekberg

Welcome to an introduction to Analyze DI for UK investigators

Complimentary, one-day online training to support police officers investigating child sexual abuse crime

Griffeye Grading and Victim ID Awareness Training is a one-day, online course aimed at investigators in POLIT/OCSAE roles who are investigating cases using Griffeye Analyze. 

Many Analyze DI users investigate cases which have already been created for them, usually by the Digital Forensic Unit. This training concentrates on hands-on investigations and improved victim ID awareness.


19th January, 2021

Time: 08.30 – 17.00 GMT


Please add your supervisor e-mail to the registration details to help us confirm attendance.

Training in detail

The course is aimed at investigators in POLIT/OCSAE roles who are investigating cases using Griffeye Analyze that have been processed and created by DFUs. This investigation-orientated training is set at a level and pace for those who do not have or need detailed computer forensic knowledge. The course covers the basic functionality of Analyze DI Pro and gives attendees the knowledge and skills to grade cases using an efficient workflow.

Please note: This training is not aimed at DFU staff/officers responsible for creating cases and creating forensic reports. It also does not replace formal UK Victim ID or categorisation standards training.

The course covers:

  • CAID – basic background and information about the foundation of CSAM investigation in the UK
  • Starting and loading a pre-processed case
  • Troubleshooting basic loading problems (incorrect paths etc) in DI Core and Pro
  • Basic interface overview
  • Grading techniques
  • Checking pre-graded and unconfirmed categories
  • Understanding and leveraging Griffeye Brain artificial intelligence for CSAM images and video
  • Creating and using bookmarks
  • Understanding file counting
  • Victim identification basics
  • Face detection
  • Searching (external victim/ scene photos and hashes)
  • Filters
  • Recognizing intelligence (victim / offender IDs)
  • Working with video
  • Representative files
  • Basic exporting of JSON files
  • Basic reporting

The course will end with a scenario for attendees to work through. Upon successful completion, you will receive a Griffeye Grading and Victim Identification Awareness certificate.

Technical Requirements

As the course is online, the technical requirements for those attending are very important:

  • Your computer and network must allow you to remote desktop (RDP*) to an Azure Virtual Machine
  • Content and audio will be delivered by Adobe Connect, so you must be able to register and use Adobe Connect
  • It is also imperative that you have two screens available during training to be able to keep up. Here are the options you can set up.
  • The day before the training, you will need to be available for a quick session (up to an hour) to set up your Azure Virtual Machine account and check access to Adobe Connect. This is because we will not have time to fix technical issues on the training day, so we will try and resolve any technical issues in this session prior to the training.

*Please be aware that many force networks will not allow the use of RDP. Unfortunately, we currently have no other way of delivering the online training.

Any questions? Please get in touch.


Patrick Horgan
Law Enforcement Liaison Officer, UK
[email protected]

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