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Recorded webinars

Some of our webinars are also available in German, French and Spanish. 

Webinar: How to utilize Media Descriptions effectively
Webinar: Uncover AI-generated material
Webinar: Introduction to CS Operations
Webinar: Las 10 mejores funciones de Analyze DI Pro
Webinar: Top 10 Griffeye Analyze features
Webinar: Processing Electronic Service Provider Data using Analyze DI
Webinar: Moving data between Cellebrite and Analyze DI
Webinar: Weeding out the noise – Part 2 (Efficient Victim-centric Workflows in Analyze DI)
Webinar: Weeding out the noise – Part 1 (The power of intelligence databases)
Webinar: Creating and customizing reports
Webinar: Securing your GID with the new user management module
Webinar: Uncover critical evidence with LACE Carver
Webinar: Getting started with Analyze DI
Webinar: A walkthrough of the new interface and features in Analyze 21.1
Webinar: Discover critical leads faster with the integrated CameraForensics tool
Webinar: Introducing the Griffeye Workflow Checklist
Webinar: A powerful approach for discovering video evidence
Webinar: Smarter workflows for more efficient CSA investigations
Webinar: Victim ID workflows in Analyze DI
Webinar: Using AI to detect CSA content in images and videos
Webinar: Searching and sorting through vast amounts of images and videos
Webinar: Case reports in Analyze DI Pro
Webinar: Applying intelligence to your case
Webinar: Maximize the capabilities of Analyze DI Pro
Webinar: Version 19.0 to 20.0
Webinar: How to leverage GPS data in your digital media investigations
Webinar: Get the most out of your digital media investigations
Webinar: Griffeye Brain in Analyze DI Pro
Webinar: Get to know GID
Webinar: Analyze DI Pro 101
Webinar: Quicker cases and better outcomes with Facial Recognition
Webinar: Collaboration workflows in Analyze DI Pro
Webinar: Best-in-class Carver as part of the Griffeye Analyze platform
Webinar: Using Griffeye Technology to Increase Efficiency and Results