Webinar: Introducing Griffeye Orchestrate

Webinar: Introducing Griffeye Orchestrate
June 20, 2023 Kristin Berglund

RECORDED WEBINAR — August 30th @16:00 CEST

Introducing Griffeye Orchestrate

Our upcoming automation solution that will help you prioritize your investigative efforts. 

Join us for this webinar where we introduce Griffeye Orchestrate! Our new automation solution that will help you prioritize investigative efforts and eliminate manual work during the evidence processing phase. You will get a tour of the product and see how it can help cut backlogs and focus your resources.

Learn how Orchestrate can:

  • Process evidence from multiple targets and data sources.
  • Automate the entire process from case creation, to the investigative phase.
  • Automatically identify and prioritize information during processing within Griffeye Analyze.
  • Give valuable indications of where to focus and what to prioritize.
  • Maximize computer efficiency while minimizing human involvement.

Meet your host

Tristan Oliver — Law Enforcement Liaison Officer

Tristan Oliver is a law enforcement liaison officer and trainer in the UK and well-known for his skills and expertise in computer forensics. He retired from Dorset Police in 2019 after 30 years as a police officer, 16 years of which was working as a computer forensics expert and the last six years focusing on high-risk child abuse and exploitation cases.

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  • Webinar: Introducing Griffeye Orchestrate

    Live webinar: August 30th @16:00 CEST