Webinar: How to utilize Media Descriptions effectively

Webinar: How to utilize Media Descriptions effectively
January 20, 2024 Kristin Berglund

Recorded webinar — January 18 @16:00 CET

How to utilize Media Descriptions effectively

Share and reuse detailed image and video descriptions 

Join our webinar as we introduce one of our latest features – Media Descriptions! Now also available in DI Pro.

In some jurisdictions, investigators face the challenging task of providing detailed descriptions of image and video content for court proceedings. We understand the distress and time-consuming nature of this responsibility, and we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking solution that transforms and streamlines this process.

Key features of Media Descriptions 

Collaborative use across cases 
Saved within the GID, descriptions can be matched and reused against the same files in future cases as well as across cases and agencies.

A user wellbeing feature
Reducing the repetitive task of describing harmful material can be minimized to prevent further exposure to others.

Filter for files with descriptions
You can filter for files that have Media Descriptions and let that influence the choice of representative files, thereby minimizing manual work.

Report writing made easier
Media descriptions can automatically be added to reports instead of showing the actual media – making it easier to draft legal paperwork.

Meet your host

Tristan Oliver — Law Enforcement Liaison Officer

Tristan Oliver is a law enforcement liaison officer and trainer in the UK and well-known for his skills and expertise in computer forensics. He retired from Dorset Police in 2019 after 30 years as a police officer, 16 years of which was working as a computer forensics expert and the last six years focusing on high-risk child abuse and exploitation cases.

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