Webinar: Introduction to CS Operations

Webinar: Introduction to CS Operations
November 2, 2023 Linnea Czarnecki

RECORDED WEBINAR — November 22 @16:00 CET

Introduction to Analyze CS Operations

Scale your digital media investigations and unlock efficient collaboration

Join our webinar to explore the benefits that Analyze CS Operations offers for managing growing workloads and optimizing resources more efficiently.

This sophisticated toolkit is designed for processing, sorting, and analyzing huge volumes of image and video files. Connect multiple users with Analyze CS Operations’ powerful server, and enable teams to process, manage and investigate cases in a centralized location.

In this webinar you will receive an in-depth overview of Analyze CS Operations covering:

• A user-friendly interface familiar to DI Pro users, but where users can work collaboratively on cases
• Advanced case security and easy supervisor management of workloads
• Flexible and scalable use of resources to process cases faster
• More efficient use of disk storage and simple archiving
• Tools that allow investigators to maximize their investigative time.

Meet your host

Tristan Oliver — Law Enforcement Liaison Officer

Tristan Oliver is a law enforcement liaison officer and trainer in the UK and well-known for his skills and expertise in computer forensics. He retired from Dorset Police in 2019 after 30 years as a police officer, 16 years of which was working as a computer forensics expert and the last six years focusing on high-risk child abuse and exploitation cases.

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  • Webinar: Introduction to CS Operations

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