User wellbeing features

User wellbeing features
November 17, 2021 Gabriela Badea

User wellbeing features

To support the wellbeing of our users, we have ­developed several features on the Analyze platform that keep investigators in the fight longer and help them work more efficiently. Supported by scientific ­research and user groups, features like these are continuously developed and added to the platform. 

1. NEW! Media Descriptions
In certain legal situations, investigators must provide detailed description of the content in images and videos for court proceedings. The new Media Descriptions feature enables the reuse of these descriptions across cases and facilitates sharing among investigators as the description can be saved within the GID. This feature not only enhances the quality of work related to mental health concerns but also significantly saves time for end users. Available in CS Operations and Enterprise. Planned to be implemented in DI Pro by the end of 2023.

2. Pre-categorization
Investigators can save time by matching files to those previously viewed and categorised including eliminating files of no evidential value. Categories can be imported from other products, or by other investigators (through the Griffeye Intelligence Database (GID), for instance).

 3. Start Analyze CS with ­default hide all
Some users working in Analyze products don’t want to be exposed to the material at all, e.g., auditors, sysadmins, etc. With this ­feature, they can activate a default setting in CS to hide all content.

4. Extract frames from ­videos
This case processing feature allows investigators to quickly view extracted video frames so that videos can be scrubbed. Content in long videos can be viewed and categorized without having to scrutinize material in detail when watching the full video.

5. Grayscale option
Colored images have been shown to last longer in memory. This feature makes it possible to view all media in grayscale.

6. Machine learning for CSA recognition
With Griffeye Brain Artificial Intelligence, potentially relevant material can be discovered faster and identify likely CSA media. Not only does this speed up investigations, but it also reduces CSA exposure and minimizes the fear of missing material.

7. Masking parts of images
This feature makes it possible to Annotate and mask parts of images, e.g., to hide all genitalia. This feature makes it easier to share relevant material for victim ID without sharing anything illegal.

8. Videos default to sound off
Audio within videos can be extremely disturbing, and it is not as easy to evade. With this feature, videos always play with the sound off until the investigator selects to hear it — to prevent bystanders from hearing the content.

9. Take a break timer
The timer reminds investigators to take a break – take time away for the screen to reduce eye strain and stretching their legs or talking to colleagues. The timer pops up every 60 minutes by default, with the possibility to change or disregard it entirely.

10. Binary and visual stacking
This feature reduces exposure and speeds up investigations by stacking together imagery containing the same content, meaning copies of the same media only need to be viewed once.

11. Pixelate content
To minimize exposure and help investigators focus on uncategorized illegal files, content already categorized as illegal can be pixelated. Individual or small groups of files can be viewed unpixelated if the media needs to be reviewed, keeping all other illegal files pixelated.

12. Hide content
If an investigator needs to quickly clear or leave the screen for any reason, they can activate a feature that hides visual content. Information will still be visible, but the images or videos will be hidden.

Download the “User Well-being Features” pdf and read about the scientific studies backing the features.

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