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Upcoming changes in Analyze DI Core
April 24, 2019 Sara Ekberg

Analyze DI Core licenses:

Upcoming changes in Analyze DI Core

From the 19.0 release, planned for this summer, there will be changes for Analyze DI Core users who currently use the product for collaborative work.

At Griffeye, our aim is to continuously develop and improve the Analyze platform with the very latest and most advanced technology to further help investigators in their work.

That is why the platform, and specifically Analyze DI Pro, is being developed more and more towards collaboration, automation and intelligence building. The upcoming 19.0 release is no exception. The upgrade will however affect the workflow for Analyze DI Core users who currently use the product for team efforts.

The changes in detail

Analyze DI Core is for investigators working independently with processing and reviewing images and videos, without the need for more advanced analysis. Starting from the 19.0 release, it will no longer be possible to process cases in Analyze DI Pro to benefit from all the advanced analysis, and then import the case to Analyze DI Core for basic review. Nor will it be possible to push cases from DI core to other external systems. Also, as the Analyze DI Core license is not intended to be shared between several users, it will only be possible to install a license on a single machine.

Clarification of changes:

  • Reduced case compatibility between DI Pro and DI Core. Cases will only be able to open in a “read-only” mode.
  • No direct connection to shared hash databases
  • The ability to embed media files in a VICS JSON output will be removed, which may impact uploads to external systems.
  • One installation per Analyze DI Core license

The reason behind the change

Apart from the technical reasons behind the change, this is a decision made to further map each product to their intended use case. Something that will help us to better develop the platform in the future and assure the quality of each product.

Offer for DI Core users:

Extended Analyze DI Pro trial
and reduced pricing

For users who need to share intelligence within the team and/or other teams, and want the possibility to share caseloads, we recommend Analyze DI Pro.

To give all our existing Analyze DI Core users the possibility to try Analyze DI Pro to its fullest, we have decided to extend the trial period from 30 days to 90 days. After the trial, it will be possible to upgrade existing DI Core licenses to Analyze DI Pro for the reduced price of 995.

The offer is valid during 2019.

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected], or [email protected] for technical questions. 

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