Entity Management

Analyze Entity Management

Available as a module within Analyze CS Enterprise, Entity Management lets you manage entities
(e.g. persons, vehicles, organizations, objects) and link them automatically or manually.


Make use of your knowledge and
make the connection

Establish a clear workflow

CS Entity Management gives investigators and analysts a clean, user-friendly tool that helps you work quickly and smoothly – as an individual or in full cooperation with others.

Use all the available information

Utilize image and video files, and all the information they contain, from multiple feeds. As well as metadata, annotations and case information ingested into CS Enterprise/Operations.

Take advantage of the best technology

Thanks to the open API, you can find and map relationships using technologies such as face/object recognition and open source intelligence.

Get results – now and over time

The ability to detect and highlight critical clues manually and automatically can pay immediate dividends for case investigators. It also helps build the knowledge for future cases.