Analyze DI Pro

A user-friendly yet powerful media
investigation software

Griffeye Analyze DI is a powerful, innovative software that takes out the legwork and administrative strain so you can focus on the investigation in front of you.

Conquer caseload and get
better results

Most investigative tools haven’t kept pace with the increasing volume of image and video files. In some cases, this can result in a manual review of millions of files and it almost always increases caseload and turnaround times.

Analyze Digital Investigator reverses that trend. Thanks to a rich toolset of technologies with automated processes to categorize and filter out non-pertinent material, Analyze DI helps you work faster and better.


Meeting your needs and powering
your investigation

Process and analyze

With the best-available image and video processing you can import everything from CCTV to native forensic image formats and start analyzing them straightaway.

Visualize and review

Intuitive and easy-to-use from the start, Analyze DI lets you quickly and easily categorize, prioritize and review complex information to ensure high-quality results.

Automate and detect critical clues

Material is automatically identified and tagged allowing you to prioritize. Critical clues are flagged to ensure that you always catch the details that help crack the case.

Scale to your needs

Analyze DI has the power and capacity to rapidly and intelligently process huge volumes and deliver fast, accurate results. Test it for yourself with our free 30-day trial.


Analyze Forensic Marketplace

Analyze Forensic Marketplace is a digital marketplace allowing users and Griffeye partners access to valuable add-ons developed by Griffeye or third parties.

Griffeye Analyze DI workflow

Collect & Process Investigate

1. Collect digital media

Gather and import image and video files from a variety of sources.

2. Use the best tools

Use the tool that you are used to or is best suited to extracting the media in a forensically sound way.

3. Open up the possibilities

Use the Griffeye Analyze platform’s open API to export the media from the forensic tool to Analyze DI.

4. Review, analyze and more

Review and analyze the digital media using Analyze DI. Work the case with colleagues via Analyze CS.