Analyze CS Enterprise

Cross-border media management server to access all relevant material ever collected

For long-term investigations, Griffeye Analyze CS Enterprise provides a reference library to help you and your organisation accumulate knowledge and build intelligence over time.

Build knowledge and share intelligence

With the number of image and video files at an all-time high, investigators and their organisations need a new solution to help them convert this information into a valuable asset. A solution that helps you build knowledge during investigations and lets you share intelligence for quicker and better results over time.

Griffeye’s Analyze Collaboration Server Enterprise provides a toolkit to effectively analyze, categorize and process high volumes of data. As well as a central, quality-controlled repository where files are stored in a highly structured manner and extracted with ease for new investigations.

Helps you and your organisation get better results

High-quality storage to build knowledge Easy extraction for effective sharing of intelligence

Secure user access control and extensive audit log

Easy extraction for effective sharing of intelligence

Open API for powerful modules such as Facial recognition and Object Matching

Migration and export of data from other systems

The CS Enterprise Workflow



Build intelligence & share


1. Analyze DI & CS Operations


2. Sync


3. CS Enterprise