Analyze CS Operations

Server connecting multiple users at a local, regional or special office

For group efforts on individual cases, Griffeye Analyze CS Operations gives you and your colleagues a shared resource to gather knowledge, build intelligence and get results quicker.

Get quicker and better results as a team

Whether you’re working in a local, regional or special office, Analyze Collaboration Server Operations helps you and your team crack the case and reduce the caseload. Thanks to a rich toolset of technologies with automated processes to categorize and filter out non-pertinent material and a platform for making the most out of your team’s collective skills and efforts.

Open API for powerful modules

Helps you get better results

Seamless integration into your workflow

Quick, simple import/export to other tools and databases

State-of-the-art image and video processing

Secure user access control and extensive audit log

The CS Operations Workflow

Collect and process




1. Collect digital media

Gather and import image and video files from a variety of sources.


2. Use the best tools

Use the forensic tool that you are used to or is best suited to extracting the media in a forensically sound way.


3. Open up the possibilities

Use the Griffeye Analyze platform’s open API to export the media from the forensic tool to Analyze.


4. Get results

Review and analyze the digital media and work the case with colleagues.