Griffeye Analyze Platform

We’ll help you crack the case.
And the caseload.

The Analyze Platform helps you process and analyze large amounts of image and video data, automatically eliminate and prioritize information, detect and highlight critical clues as well as identify relationships.


Analyze DI Pro

For individual users in their daily work, Griffeye Analyze DI is a powerful, innovative tool that takes out the legwork and administrative strain so you can focus on the investigation in front of you.

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Analyze CS Operations

For group efforts on individual cases, Griffeye Analyze CS Operations gives you and your colleagues a shared resource to gather knowledge, build intelligence and get results quicker.

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Analyze CS Enterprise

For long-term investigations, Griffeye Analyze CS Enterprise provides a reference library to help you and your organisation accumulate knowledge and build intelligence over time.

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Powerful, flexible and always with the user in mind.

The Griffeye Analyze platform is open and modular because we believe that you should always have the very best technology for the job. You can choose from our continuously updated range of add-ons or link to your choice of specialist applications.

You can even share advice and developments with your fellow Griffeye users. Whatever you need to make your job easier and get quicker, better results.

Whatever you need,
you got it.

Critical clues that were missed are now found and connected. You can also share knowledge and take full advantage within your network. The result? Investigations that used to take months, even years, are now wrapped up in hours or days.

MyGriffeye User Portal

As a customer, you get free access to the MyGriffeye portal that includes user tutorials, downloads and plug-ins as well as a private community of your fellow users to share insights, give feedback and drive future development of the platform.


Analyze Forensic Marketplace

A digital marketplace allowing users and Griffeye partners access to valuable add-ons developed by Griffeye or third parties.


Griffeye Analyze is used by investigators in 81 different countries around the globe.


Today there are 3391 different law enforcement agancies using the Analyze Platform.

Trained users

More than 900 users have completed the two day Griffeye Analyze training program.