The Platform

The Analyze

Griffeye Analyze is a versatile software platform for digital media investigations. Used by law enforcement, defense and national security agencies across the globe, the platform gives law enforcement and intelligence professionals a leg up on ever-increasing volumes of image and video files.

Effectively manage huge volumes
of images and video

Save valuable time thanks to algorithms that automatically prioritize information, filter irrelevant digital files, and flag critical clues. Investigations that used to take months, even years, can now be wrapped up in hours or days.

One powerful platform, unlimited

Scale up the platform according to your needs, number of users and file storage requirements. Different versions of the (paid) Analyze platform can be connected across departments and borders to create a collaborative intelligence sharing ecosystem.



Analyze DI Pro™

For individual investigators in their daily work, the DI Pro software makes it easy to import, process and review complex information.

One case. One user.

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Analyze CS Operations™

For group efforts on individual cases, CS Operations gives you and your colleagues a digital base of operations for reviewing and analyzing materials.

One case. Multiple users.

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Analyze CS Enterprise™

For organizations pursuing ongoing investigations, CS Enterprise provides a dynamic repository for building intelligence over time.

Multiple cases. Multiple users.

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Get the right tools
for your work


MyGriffeye User Portal is the gateway to a large and active community of users, developers and other stakeholders. You can exchange advice with your fellow Griffeye users, provide feedback on the platform and take advantage of a vast number of community-generated plug-ins.


An extensive digital marketplace gives you access to valuable apps
developed by Griffeye and by third-party developers – allowing you to add
new functionality as your needs change.


The first release of our AI module, Griffeye Brain, actively scans material in order to identify and flag child sexual abuse material. This intelligent technology — featuring algorithms trained on real data — determines whether or not a file is pertinent to an investigation. This helps investigators focus on what’s important and move faster in identifying victims.


Working in Analyze DI Pro, you are able to connect to multiple shared databases to interconnect with other investigators internationally, nationally, between districts, and within teams.

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