Summing up the Griffeye DACH-Austausch Event

Summing up the Griffeye DACH-Austausch Event
May 17, 2023 Gabriela Badea

Summing up the Griffeye DACH-Austausch Event

A forum for sharing best practices and insights on cross-border police collaboration

Griffeye’s first DACH-Austausch Event, held in Frankfurt, was a success, bringing together law enforcement professionals from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to discuss cross-border police collaboration. The event focused on the importance of collaboration in reducing backlogs, redundancies, and ultimately identifying and protecting more victims.

Griffeye’s Law Enforcement Liaison in Germany, Laura Bauer, talking about how Griffeye is built to help investigators share intelligence with each other and collaborate to solve cases

Connecting police officers to collaborate on cases

To maximize the skills, perspectives and knowledge of everyone involved, working across borders on cases can be crucial. Sharing information easily between colleagues and offices as well as across organizational and national borders enables officers to work more efficiently and reduce the workload. Griffeye’s Olle Ejerblad and Tristan Oliver kicked off the event by sharing the journeys the Swedish National Police and the UK’s CAID have taken and their experiences on collaborating on a national and international level.

Representatives from two major German police agencies spoke about how they benefit from using Griffeye in their investigations and shared insights from ongoing projects. A workshop was also held showing the workflow from Analyze DI and Ops to CS Enterprise, demonstrating how to utilize the most of the features within.

Overall this event provided a unique opportunity to gather law enforcement professionals from the entire DACH region, to share knowledge and best practices in the fight against child sexual abuse and to contribute to even stronger collaborative efforts in the future.

Supporting investigators in their daily work and protecting their wellbeing

Ensuring the mental wellbeing of our users is a crucial aspect of Griffeye’s mission. Therefore, we placed great importance on including this topic on the agenda. We invited psychologists from the Frankfurt Private Institute for Mental Health to share their insights on the matter and provide helpful tools to safeguard the mental health of investigators.

Olle Ejerblad – Law Enforcement Liaison, Griffeye

“Breaking down silos is a shared objective among many departments, and I am happy to see that this event provided an opportunity for police officers to share valuable insights. I am excited to see how this will help foster stronger collaborations in the DACH region in the future.”

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Frankfurt am Main for the Griffeye DACH-Austausch Event 2023!

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