Release of Analyze 24.0

Release of Analyze 24.0
February 12, 2024 Kristin Berglund

Release of Analyze 24.0

Thorn’s CSAM Classifier now integrated in Analyze DI Pro

The 24.0 release marks the introduction of Thorn’s robust CSAM Classifier. The integration empowers you with enhanced AI tools to identify CSAM, increasing your capability to successfully process and solve more cases. Thorn CSAM Classifier complements our own classifier, Griffeye Brain, providing additional intelligence to improve your investigative workflows.


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Trained on real CSAM case data

Similar to Griffeye Brain, Thorn’s AI classifier scans through previously unseen footage and suggests images and videos that it believes depicts CSAM, and outputs a score to help determine the file’s relevance to the investigation. Thorn’s classifier, like Griffeye Brain, is trained on real CSAM case data.

The new classifier will be available in the Analyze DI Pro Forensic Market.

More highlights of Analyze 24.0

This release aims to refine existing functionalities, ensuring a smoother experience.

  • Data Retention in CS Enterprise: Introducing the capability to delete files through data retention policies, offering control over when data should be removed from the system.
  • Custom thumbnail size in File List Report
  • Accessible copies are favored when excluding binary and visual copies of representative files in summary report


  • Multiple File Size filter selections
  • New Workflow check list actions for showing classification panel and opening case information.

As always, you can find the full list of changes and updates in the release notes on the Griffeye User Portal.

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