Release of Analyze 23.2

Release of Analyze 23.2
June 21, 2023 Gabriela Badea

Release of Analyze 23.2

Advancements in collaboration and processing power

We are pleased to introduce two new developments to the platform. Analyze 23.2 highlights the introduction of Enterprise GID (Griffeye Intelligence Database) and the implementation of Processing Nodes in Analyze CS. These advancements provide investigators worldwide with enhanced capabilities and improved efficiency.

Launching Enterprise GID to level up international collaboration 

We continue to evolve the GID—our central collaboration solution for agencies to store all their intelligence and share information with each other.

In this first version of Enterprise GID, users can expect greatly improved performance and more efficient handling of large data sets.

In addition to further harmonizing and removing redundancies in the work of different units, the implementation of Enterprise GID paves the way to fully enabling investigators, regardless of where they are based, to get an up-to-date picture of the intelligence footprint of their entire organization. Moreover, it will allow investigators to easily connect different standalone GIDs with each other to effortlessly facilitate collaboration on a national or even international level.

Introducing Processing Nodes in Analyze CS to enable scalable processing

In an era where backlogs are growing larger and average cases are becoming more complex, the need for efficient case processing capacity is evident. Unexpected events may also give rise to a flood of new data, demanding immediate, but temporary increase in processing capacity.

The new Processing Nodes in CS Operations and CS Enterprise are designed to process case data concurrently across several instances*, resulting in increased processing power and faster throughput.

The idea of this new concept is to, in the next step, be able to offer investigators a fully flexible solution where they can scale processing capacity to their current needs. Users will then be able to swiftly adapt the number of processing nodes as their needs change and grows, and thereby be able to deal with backlogs in a more efficient way.

*Licensing will be based on the number of concurrent instances.

As always, you can find the full list of changes and updates in the release notes on the Griffeye User Portal.

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