Release of Analyze 23.1

Release of Analyze 23.1
April 11, 2023 Gabriela Badea

Release of Analyze 23.1

Analyze 23.1 is now available! This release is mainly about quality and usability improvements to help make your everyday work easier and more efficient. By improving existing functionality and resolving issues both you and we will be prepared for the next iteration of ground-breaking functionality and enhancements.

What’s new in Analyze 23.1

In addition to a lot of fixes, there are also a couple of new functions and upgrades added in this release. For example, we have made improvements to the reporting, updated the Take a break timer, and made usability improvements to the “accessible vs inaccessible files” feature which makes it possible to separate files that are available to the suspect from those which are not. This feature is now also available in the Analyze CS products.

As always, you can find the full list of changes and updates in the release notes on the Griffeye User Portal.


We now look forward to the release of Analyze 23.2 that is planned for this summer and sharing with you the great new things that will open up new possibilities for investigators and forensic examiners working in collaborative environments.

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