Release of Analyze 22

Release of Analyze 22
February 22, 2022 Gabriela Badea

Release of Analyze 22

Supporting a new year of better workflows

Our first release of 2022 is here, and it features a number of updates dedicated to removing obstacles from your daily work.

Small everyday administrative tasks can add up to a lot of time wasted if the processes involved are inefficient or overcomplicated. With this release, we’ve taken another step forward in streamlining the user experience of key features and processes—and hopefully made your work flow at least a little bit easier.


GID User Management now connects with external authentication providers

In the last release we made it possible for DI Pro users to handle authorizations and add users in the GID. Now, you can also connect the GID User Management module to an external authentication provider, such as Active Directory. We hope you’ll enjoy the time savings you get from being able to facilitate user management in one streamlined system.

UX improvements to Manage Cases feature     

The Manage Cases feature in CS has been updated and made easier to use. Manage Cases will now open in a new tab, remember your latest search criteria, and will remember if you choose to limit or fetch all search results.

Introducing Justification of Action

We’ve introduced a new feature to CS that is designed to support the auditor. It makes it possible to trace justification of action for users. When switched on, a user is required to enter a reason for why they are performing a given action in the system. 

Additional updates we hope you’ll find useful:

  • The ability to filter for binary copies of files that are present in multiple sources.
  • The Worksmart filter is now even smarter and can select which categories should be included, such as indicative files.
  • The ability to search for files with specific bookmarks, both global and case bookmarks.

For more details and a full list of the improvements and updates you can find in Analyze 22.0, log in to the Griffeye user portal and read the release notes. On the portal you will also find a short video walkthrough of highlights in DI Pro, with our Law Enforcement Liaison Eric Oldenburg.

Elevating investigations for greater impact

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