Release of Analyze 22.3

Release of Analyze 22.3
December 28, 2022 Gabriela Badea

Release of Analyze 22.3

Making your collaborative efforts even smoother

Quickly following up on our last release, we are happy to report that another new version of Griffeye Analyze is now available! 

In the previous release Analyze 22.2, we launched a number of features and improvements geared toward helping you find relevant information faster. In this release, we are following up with improvements along the same theme. This is in addition to launching a couple of new functions in Analyze CS that will make the process of collaborating on a case smoother than ever before.

Locate relevant media files faster with improved Exif handling

In Analyze 22.3, you will find that it is now even easier to find relevant files based on Exif information. For example, we have added the possibility to identify more types of Exif information, along with a swifter way to link and connect files based on matching Exif data. The improvements are implemented in all products across the platform.

Improvements in Analyze CS for more efficient collaborations

For all our Analyze CS users, we have added more functionality to help make collaborative efforts run more smoothly.

Keep dialogues around a case
Case commenting has been updated to make it easier to keep a dialogue around a case subject within a thread of comments. The purpose is to further aid collaboration and make it easier to maintain an overview of comments. All comments are also searchable so you can easily reference old comments. 

Track case status
We have introduced a new feature that allows you to keep track of the status of each case or investigation. For instance, it can be used to keep track of which cases have been referred. Choose from different default state options or add your own.

Other updates and improvements 

In addition to the new updates and features above, this release includes a lot of quality improvements and fixes. For more details and a full list of the improvements and updates you can find in Analyze 22.3, please log in to the Griffeye user portal and read the release notes.

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