Release of Analyze 22.2

Release of Analyze 22.2
November 8, 2022 Gabriela Badea

Release of Analyze 22.2

Paving the way for faster search missions

We’re always working to improve the Analyze experience for our users. In this release, you’ll discover a number of new features and improvements geared toward helping you find relevant information faster. We have also made updates to our important timer tool that helps you get in the habit of taking regular mental health breaks throughout each workday.

Face Search is now available in Analyze CS

In CS Enterprise and CS Operations, it is now possible to search for faces similar to those found in other case files — a feature previously limited to Analyze DI Pro. The search is applicable for both images and videos. In CS Enterprise, you can also search for similar faces across cases among all server files.

Faster similarity searches in Analyze CS

Hardware acceleration can now be used to further improve the speed of similarity searches in CS Operations and CS Enterprise. Similarity searching allows you to search for files that are visually similar in appearance to the selected file based on color distribution, contours, textures, and other points of interest.

New and more flexible case types added to CS Enterprise

To aid investigations based on already existing material in CS Enterprise, we have introduced a new case type: Investigation Cases. Flexible in nature, Investigation Cases can be easily expanded with files found in CS or by importing files. You can find more detailed information about Investigation Cases in the user manual.

Reduce visual fatigue with the newly updated Take a Break timer

The best way to address visual fatigue is to intercept before it can start. We have made a number of functionality improvements to our Take a Break timer, including adding the option to set up breaks based on the 20-20-20 method. This method entails that, every 20 minutes, you turn away from your computer and focus on something else that is at least 20 feet away for a minimal of 20 seconds. According to research, this activates a complete cognitive reset and reduces the risk of visual fatigue.

More timer functionality improvements:

  • The timer is always activated when Analyze DI is started
  • The enabled/disabled setting is stored per user in Analyze CS instead of per client machine
  • File content is automatically hidden when the timer appears on screen

More improvements you’ll discover in this release:

  • Possibility to connect Analyze DI to a Web Map Service (WMS)
    This highly user-requested feature is now available. Connect your own preferred Web Map Service instead of using Open Street Map.
  • Geographical alerts for reverse geocoding locations
    By using reverse geocoding location, it is now possible to set up geographical alerts that better correspond to a specific force area in CS Enterprise.
  • Improvements to the Workflow Checklist
    We have made new actions available for the Workflow Checklist to enable you to use GID filters, Map view and the Report/Export tab faster.

For more details and a full list of the improvements and updates in Analyze 22.2, please log in to the Griffeye user portal and read the release notes.

Don’t miss this quick walkthrough video with our Law Enforcement Liaison, Eric Oldenburg, where he walks you through the highlights of Analyze DI 22.2. 

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