Release of Analyze 22.1

Release of Analyze 22.1
June 30, 2022 Gabriela Badea

Release of Analyze 22.1

Search and find with greater precision

We are happy to announce the release of Analyze 22.1. With this release we’ve aimed to improve upon many of the search functions in the software, making it easier and more efficient to find relevant information faster. As always, you will also find a number of updates and functionality improvements across the platform, which we hope will make a difference in your daily work.

Search improvements in Analyze:

Improved keyword matching

Keyword matching is now more precise than ever. The keyword matcher is stricter when matching keywords beginning with a digit. This yields better results when searching for, for example, “3yo” or “10yo.”

New filters have been added in the filter panel

A filter enabling you to find files without file extensions has been added to the filter panel, as well as a filter displaying what images can be shown. This will provide a better flow when going though files and make it easier to determine which images need to be opened externally.

Additional search improvements in Analyze CS:

  • Faster and more accurate similarity search
  • Added ability to search among all data in the case or on the CS server for other files in the same folder
  • Possibility to search for files with comments in File Search

More updates we hope you’ll find useful in this release:

Pixelate parts of images in File view
It is now possible to pixelate and cover parts of an image in the File view for the purpose of exporting a sanitized version. Previously, it was only possible to cover sensitive parts of the file using a black box in the DI Annotations view. The improved function is available in all Analyze products.

New face recognition service in CS Enterprise
A new service for matching faces has been added in CS, called the Griffeye Face Match Service. It can be used together with entities to detect faces in images and videos.

New Workflow Checklist actions in Analyze DI
Ability to search for Faces and Similar scenes, comparing against a collection of external files. New capability have been added to make it easier to find the filter to use for each checklist item.

Overwrite source in GID
A source in GID can now be easily overwritten when a more recent version of a hash set is imported. This function will optimize the data stored in the GID, compared to just importing without removing the old version of the hash set.

For more details and a full list of the improvements and updates you can find in Analyze 22.1, log in to the Griffeye user portal and read the release notes.

Don’t miss the short video walkthrough of highlights in Analyze DI with our Law Enforcement Liaison Eric Oldenburg.

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