Release of Analyze 21.1

Release of Analyze 21.1
July 13, 2021 Gabriela Badea

Release of Analyze 21.1
A new design for a better experience

Were excited to announce the release of Analyze 21.1. Improved usability and an upgraded design are the defining features of this release. You can now enjoy a brand new interface with a cleaner look that will enhance your overall experience using the Analyze platform. Along with the design updates, we have added and updated a number of different features.

A new look and feel

In version 21.1. you will find that the Analyze platform has a new look and feel. We’ve updated it with a new theme and made all products available in both light and dark mode. Furthermore, we’ve made multiple updates to reduce clutter and improve the overall experience of using the platform. You can now enjoy improved readability, new icons, and a more clean and straightforward design. Along with these updates, changes have been made to provide a more streamlined feeling across the different products. 

Splitting up the product clients

In addition to the new look and feel, we’ve also separated the product clients to make it easier to install and update, or remove a product independently from other Griffeye Analyze products. With this split, you will also find that each product has a new desktop icon to help you easily distinguish them.

New functionality and updates in Analyze CS 

We’ve also added some exciting new features and made a range of improvements for all of our CS Operations and CS Enterprise users. These include:

• Social media identifier.
Track an image to see if it has been downloaded from a particular social media platform.

• Reverse geocoding.
Perform searches based on GPS coordinates to identify locations and filter for images in a geographic hierarchy.

• Alert improvements.
Mark an alert with a status to notify others on whether it has been adressed or not.

You can choose to work in light or dark mode

Other improvements across the platform

• Improved integration with CameraForensics.
It is now easier to get started using CameraForensics’ web crawling tool—no need to manually insert a license key. The tool is automatically enabled in Griffeye Analyze DI and Processing engine. For CS, it is centrally administrated.

• Filter for multiple categories simultaneously.
It is now possible to filter for categories in the filter panel and combine them in the same way you do with other filters.

• Discover motives hidden by transparency.
The alpha channel in images, which holds the information about transparency, can now be toggled to easily discover hidden motives.

• Display thumbnail images in black and white.
All thumbnail images can now be displayed in black and white, to help reduce the impact of disturbing content on the brain.

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