Release of Analyze 20.5

Release of Analyze 20.5
January 26, 2021 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 20.5

Keep track. Take control.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of Analyze 20.5. This release includes an exciting new feature that helps you combine all tools and capabilities in a logical workflow to ensure a thorough analysis of a case. Along with this new feature, there are also a range of other updates and usability improvements across the platform which we hope will make a big difference in your day-to-day work.

New Workflow Checklist: Helping you at every step in your investigation

Griffeye Analyze is a comprehensive platform with a large toolbox. To work effectively in the products and make sure you are maximizing their full potential, you need to have a clear workflow. That is why we have now created a handy built-in checklist that you can easily follow step by step. Check off things when they are done, make sure you have used all the relevant features, and quite simply work more efficiently in the products.

Designed and developed based on feedback from Analyze DI Pro users, this interactive checklist helps you use and combine the different tools to make sure you have done everything possible to detect relevant content, clues and evidence.

  • Helpful tool for everyone, regardless of whether you are a new or more advanced user.
  • Available in DI Pro, CS Operations and CS Enterprise.
  • Checklist can look different, depending on the user and use case. So there is the option to configure and tailor your list.

Other improvements to help make your day-to-day work easier

In Analyze 20.5, we have also made a number of updates and usability improvements. Such as:

  • Add User Profiles in Analyze DI Pro. Mainly built for those who share computers and work in lab environments, users can now create personal profiles and easily choose their profile when they work. This means that they don’t have to manually add their own information every time they change users at the computer.
  • Add new sources to existing cases. You can now import and add new sources to an existing case in the Command Line Interface (CLI). You can also process cases with LACE Carver using the CLI.
  • Exclude irrelevant data from the report. You can now choose to exclude certain Bookmarks from the final report, or automatically turn Bookmarks on or off completely. It is also possible to exclude empty columns and fields to avoid unnecessary content.
  • Get a better overview of video content. With this new setting you can choose how many images you want to be seen in thumbnail view in a video collage.

For more details and a full list of all improvements and updates in the 20.5 release, log in to the Griffeye user portal and read the release notes. Or simply download the new update and try it out.

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