Release of Analyze 20.4

Release of Analyze 20.4
December 7, 2020 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 20.4

Stability. Usability. Performance.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of Analyze 20.4. This release includes important stability updates to the new GID, which we’ve now also implemented into Analyze CS Operations, as well as new updates and features for the video player. Not to mention a range of other usability improvements across the platform.

Revamped and more robust GID: Now available in both Analyze DI and CS Operations

In the previous release there was a big upgrade to the GID (Griffeye Intelligence Database) in Analyze DI. In this release, we have followed that up by not only implementing GID into Analyze CS Operations but also by making significant stability improvements.

These improvements have been made in close collaboration with our GID User Group. After gathering feedback and input we tested and tweaked several parameters of the GID to finally make it as robust as it’s intended to be. As part of these updates, we have also significantly improved the matching performance for PhotoDNA in GID—which is now up to four times faster compared to the previous version.

Video Enhancements: Reveal more details and speed up processing

A new toolkit has been added to the video player to help spot details in videos more easily, for example dark videos which we know can be very challenging to analyze. By adding this new set of features, it is now possible to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and gamma levels. We hope that it will save you a lot of time investigating video contentand perhaps even help reveal details and clues that would have been near impossible to spot otherwise.

In addition to these adjustments, we’ve also done updates to speed up video processing.

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Usability Improvements: Feedback from the user community

In Analyze 20.4, we’ve also made a range of usability improvements based on user feedback. Among other things, when opening a case, apps are now turned on by default and file paths for all sources are sanity checked. We have also made additional parameters available to the Summary Report so that you can include even more case information directly into the report.

For more details and a full list of all improvements and updates in the 20.4 release, log in to the Griffeye user portal and read the release notes. Or simply download the new update and try it out.

/The Griffeye Team


  • Please read the release notes for all details before updating to the latest version of GID.

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