Release of Analyze 20.2

Release of Analyze 20.2
June 26, 2020 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 20.2

More breaks for more breakthroughs

Quickly following up the latest, and very well received, release of Griffeye Brain for video, we are today happy to announce the release of Analyze 20.2. This release is mostly about quality improvements, but we also added a new function that we hope will have a positive impact on our users’ everyday work.

NEW: Take a break timer

Griffeye Analyze is built to support investigators in their work by providing them with the tools they need to get the work done as efficiently as possible and with great results. And a key part of that is protecting the investigator from unnecessary mental strain while sifting through images and videos depicting offensive content.

To further help protect investigators’ well-being, we have built a new function into the Analyze product suite which we call the ‘take a break timer’. It helps users remind themselves to take short breaks during investigations with the aim of relaxing and distracting the brain. The timer is customizable to decide how often and how long the breaks should be. We hope that this will further help to protect our users’ mental health and prevent exposure fatigue.

Other improvements

We’ve included several improvements and fixes in Analyze 20.2. But one of the improvements that we think will be most appreciated is the ability to set default filters that are automatically applied when opening a case. Another improvement that we hope will be of great value is the possibility to package support logs from the File menu in order to get even smoother and quicker support.

For a full list of all improvements and updates in the 20.2 release, log in to the Griffeye user portal and read the release notes. Or simply download the new update and try it out.

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