Release of Analyze 20.0

Release of Analyze 20.0
March 23, 2020 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 20.0

Allowing seamless integration of new technologies

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Analyze 20. The main highlight is Griffeye Connect, the new open API in the Analyze platform, that opens up for even more seamless integration of new technologies. And new possibilities for users and their teams.

New API opens up for more exciting tech opportunities

Griffeye Analyze has always been built to be an open and modular platform. Simply because we want our users to always have the best technology at hand and make it possible for them to seamlessly exchange data from application to application. In the end, to make work more efficient and streamlined for investigators.

By releasing Griffeye Connect, the new open API in the Analyze platform, we open up for even more seamless integration of new technologies into the platform. Griffeye Connect is now available in CS Operations and CS Enterprise as a first step but it will be continuously developed and implemented across all Griffeye Analyze products.

Through this new open API, we will be able to develop and add even more advanced functionality to the platform. This will include Griffeye-developed technologies as well as third-party apps and plugins. What’s more, users can develop their own functionality, i.e. plugins, which can be added to the platform to solve a challenge specific to their investigation.

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Other news in Analyze 20.0

New function to further reduce exposure to child sexual abuse material

The most important aspect for us when building new functionality in the Analyze platform is that it should support our users in their everyday work. A big part of that is protecting our users’ wellbeing and making their work as easy as possible.

Therefore, we have now added another smart function that makes it possible to distort illegal files in the thumbnail view to further reduce exposure to disturbing visual content. With this new function, all illegal files are automatically blurred or completely hidden until users select the file they want to view.

Significantly faster performance in GID (Griffeye Intelligence Database)

The GID has undergone some well-deserved performance improvements which will mean much quicker import of hashes into GID as well as faster matching of files. This will further help investigators to build on each other’s casework, avoid latency and give them access to the latest information at all times.

New license server makes it easier for users to manage their own licenses

Along with these new upgrades to the Analyze platform, we are also launching a new license server. This is something many of our users have been requesting to more easily monitor and control machine usage – so we decided to build one.

The license server is specially built for users who work on several machines at the same time e.g. lab environments, training and other similar use cases, to help administrate the active instances and concurrent use of the product. This will mean a lot more flexibility and an easier way for users to manage their own licenses.

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