Release of Analyze 19.4

Release of Analyze 19.4
December 13, 2019 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 19.4
Making things smoother

Quickly following up on the latest release three weeks ago, we are happy to say that another new version of Griffeye Analyze is now available for our users: Analyze 19.4.

In the previous release (19.3), we launched several new function improvements along with an upgraded version of our AI technology Griffeye Brain. In this release, we have mainly focused on improvements to the Griffeye Intelligence Database (GID). But we have also added a couple of small but very smart functions to make things even smoother.

GID improvements

First off, you will find that the GID has undergone some well-deserved performance improvements that mean much quicker exports of hashes from GID as well as faster syncing. Secondly, we have added a first version of write protection to better protect the databases. This will allow administrators to select who should have write access to the GID and who should just have reading access.

Furthermore, for users of CS Operations, it is now possible to see if a file occurs in other cases by simply hovering over the file. An important step towards enabling seamless sharing of intelligence and collaboration on a national level.

Other improvements

  • It is now possible to star-mark your favorite filters that you use most frequently and want easy access to.
  • We have added the possibility to mask images using annotations directly in Analyze DI Pro. A simple yet very important function to fully cover sensitive information without the risk of the annotation disappearing or moving when you scroll through or hover over an image.
  • Last but not least, we have resolved several bugs as well as making under-the-hood improvements that will help us build more exciting features for next year.

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