Release of Analyze 19.3

Release of Analyze 19.3
November 19, 2019 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 19.3
Easier and more powerful

With every release, we aim for an even more efficient and robust software suite. In the 19.3 release, we have significantly improved overall performance and usability as well as added new functionality to existing features to make them even more powerful.

One of the biggest improvements is made to our AI technology, Griffeye Brain – a feature that we are continuously improving and enhancing. We are now happy to say that our tests show an increased accuracy of over 17% in the classification of images that are either highly likely or unlikely to contain child sexual abuse (CSA) content. A percentage increase that will have a big positive impact on victim identification work.

Easier to follow up on clues in images

Furthermore, we have worked on developments to make it easier to follow up on clues in images. For example, we have added the functionality to quick search for Exif data (including camera model) as well as a new ‘social media identifier’ which can help track if an image has been downloaded from a certain social media platform. The social media identifier is an outcome based on methods innovated at the Interpol DevOps Hackathon a couple of weeks ago. Adding to this, we have upgraded the interactive map in Analyze DI Pro so that you can filter for specific data in images and video based on location and get a better overview of the geographic spread.

Reduced unnecessary exposure

Another thing that deserves extra mention in this release is the improved ability to choose whether or not to display CSA content. An important update to further reduce unnecessary exposure.

First of all, we have upgraded the hiding function to make sure it fully prevents images and videos containing CSA content to be displayed. We have also added a new feature setting that will let you choose whether or not CSA content should be displayed by default when opening a case. And, adding to that, it is now possible for administrators and managers to set permissions and centrally control if CSA content should be displayed to specific users or user groups working in CS Enterprise or CS Operations. Overall, these improvements will mean more efficient workflows for reducing unnecessary exposure.

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