Release of Analyze 19.2

Release of Analyze 19.2
August 28, 2019 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 19.2
Boosting the AI power

In this release, we have upgraded our AI technology Griffeye Brain with greatly enhanced speed and accuracy along with the full version of the Objects classifier.

Griffeye Brain is one of our most advanced and innovative technologies in the Analyze platform. Now we can proudly announce that it has been boosted even further. From today, Griffeye Brain is GPU-accelerated which in this case means significantly higher performance and accuracy. And what’s more, we are also releasing the full version of our Objects classifier.

Griffeye Brain Objects automatically detects various objects and details in images at import, and then bookmarks and sorts the images into a hierarchy of classes. It also has the capacity to identify multiple objects in one single image, making it even easier to navigate and prioritize case data by content of interest and further find relationships.

This means that Griffeye Brain is now made up of two core solutions: The CSA classifier and the Object classifier. To learn how to use it, here’s a quick video explaining how it works.

Other improvements and updates

In addition to Griffeye Brain, we’ve also added a neat time-line filter control plus a number of improvements and updates that will hopefully make your daily work smoother. Go to the release notes to find out more.

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Get started with Griffeye Brain

Take a couple of minutes to get to know the new version of Griffeye Brain. Including how to install and automatically run the plugin as part of your daily workflow to filter out relevant information and speed up investigations.

A built-in service in DI Pro: Griffeye Brain, including both the CSA classifier and the Objects classifier, is included in Analyze DI Pro without any further cost. 

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