Release of Analyze 19.0

Release of Analyze 19.0
June 14, 2019 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 19.0
Time to Interconnect

There are days that go down in history, defining the beginning of something new. For us, today is one of those days. We are officially releasing GID (Griffeye Intelligence Database)  a long-awaited upgrade of the Analyze platform, which will revolutionize the way investigators can share intelligence with each other and collaborate to solve cases.

For several years, we’ve been working to build a solution that would better aid cross-team efforts and large-scale collaboration. And after a lot of thinking and developing, it turned into something huge. Because it’s not enough to call GID just a database – it’s far more than that. GID is the new cornerstone of the Analyze platform, built into each part of the product suite to make the platform even smarter and more “connected”.

The number one advantage with GID is that investigators will now be able to collaborate and share intelligence both within and across teams – nationally and internationally. But thanks to a superior database engine, GID also comes with a lot of other advantages for operational work.

Now, users can forget about the typically error-prone and labor-intensive task of exporting and importing data. Hashes are easily uploaded to any shared GID and directly accessible to other users – no matter where they are in the world. What’s more, GID has the capacity to handle larger, and constantly growing, amounts of data over time. This means the database workload can increase exponentially, while capacity and performance remain just as efficient.

Overall, this efficient and secure way of sharing information will help investigators to build on each other’s casework, avoid latency and give them access to the latest information at all times.

It’s time to interconnect!

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