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Release of Analyze 18.1 – Still a No-Brainer
July 2, 2018 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 18.1
– Still a No-Brainer

Quickly following up the latest, and very well received, release of Face Recognition, we are today happy to announce Face Recognition in video for Analyze DI Pro users. The 18.1 release also includes several more exciting new features, such as Object recognition and XMP grouping.

In the previous Griffeye Analyze 18.0 release, we launched the new high-performance Face Recognition that enables users to quickly find images in a case that contains similar faces to a suspect or victim. With request and input from our users, the next step that is launched today is Face Recognition and Face Detection in video.

The second feauture is an object classifier (also called Griffeye Brain Objects) that classifies images in different categories and subcategories based on the most significant object in the image. You can also add or remove objects from the search to reduce irrelevant data.

And last but not least, we will implement the Griffeye XMP Grouping that enables users to extract XMP metadataThe plugin goes through all files in batches and locates the Document IDs to find if there are any relations to other files within a case. This first version is a proof of concept, but if it works well more can be done to extract information during import – and possibly find other XMP data fields that is of use to investigators.

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