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Release of Analyze 18.3
– Carve to success
October 31, 2018 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 18.3
– Carve to success

The 18.3 release comes with great news. Let us present the best-in-class LACE Carver integrated into the Griffeye Analyze platform.

With the integration of the LACE Carver by BlueBear, it will now be possible to add another dimension when extracting images and videos from any digital media device. Our users will get a powerful extraction tool, that includes advanced media carving, as part of their investigation tool.

Other improvements in the 18.3 release

In addition to the LACE Carver integration, the 18.3 release also includes a couple of improvements. For example,it is now possible to automatically embed custom Case Data when generating a report. Also, we’ve added the ability to utilize the GPU when processing video in CS Enterprise to improve the overall performance when ingesting video.

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The LACE Carver is a third-party module that requires a separate license. It will be available to buy in the Griffeye Webshop as part of a DI Pro license.

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