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Release of Analyze 18.2
– All about quality
October 3, 2018 Sara Ekberg

Release of Analyze 18.2
– All about quality

With every release we aim for an even stronger and more efficient software. In the 18.2 release, we have focused on a range of quality improvements to make our most used tools even better.

The 18.2 release is mainly about quality and maintenance. With feedback from our users we have focused on improving existing tools to make them even better and stronger.

Some of the improvements in the 18.2 release:

  • More efficient workflow and better customizability when processing videos with Face Recognition in DI Pro.
  • User Experience improvements in Face Recognition in CS Enterprise.
  • Added support of HEIF/HEIC images and sequences in DI Pro.
  • Improved accuracy of Griffeye Brain (as a result of further training on a new quality-assured database).

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