Griffeye and Hubstream launch CyberTip ONE to transform worldwide law enforcement management of child sexual abuse reports

Griffeye and Hubstream launch CyberTip ONE to transform worldwide law enforcement management of child sexual abuse reports
October 19, 2022 Gabriela Badea

Gothenburg, Sweden, October 19th 2022

In 2021, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) CyberTipline received 29.3 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation, an increase of 35% from 2020. These reports are sent to law enforcement worldwide for investigation. Over the last 5 years, material has shifted to being hosted within Europe, with the majority—two thirds—now hosted in the EU (European Commission).

Griffeye and Hubstream launch CyberTip ONE to transform worldwide law enforcement management of child sexual abuse reports

Today, Griffeye and Hubstream launch CyberTip ONE, a new solution for worldwide law enforcement to more efficiently manage the ever-increasing flood of cyber tip reports from NCMEC. CyberTip ONE greatly reduces the investigator workload and noise to prioritize victim identification and proactive investigations, returning vital investigative time back to the unit.

Before CyberTip ONE, law enforcement agencies managing NCMEC’s cyber tip reports have been faced with a time-consuming and disconnected process. The workflow to assess and prioritize cyber tips has included a great deal of manual labor, much because the textual and visual intelligence in a cyber tip has had to be assessed separately, meaning synergies of a combined approach was lost. This challenge, together with the fast-growing volume of NCMEC reports flooding agencies’ backlogs, has resulted in great redundancy and limited capacity to quickly identify first-generation CSAM (child sexual abuse material) and other high-priority leads.

Arnold Guerin, Director of Child Protection of Hubstream, says: “With an average of over 60 000 reports per day, it is quite clear that law enforcement doesn’t have time for time-consuming manual labor. Investigators need modern tools to automate their workflow to allow more time for identifying and rescuing child victims.”

Olle Ejerblad, Law Enforcement Liaison at Griffeye and former police Detective with the Swedish Police, adds: “With CyberTip ONE, law enforcement will not only be able to cut back tremendous amounts of time on manual processes handling these reports, but also make sure they focus their efforts on the most urgent cases and thereby speed up victim identification work

With bespoke algorithms working together, CyberTip ONE becomes one solution that manages all visual and textual data found in a cyber tip. The NCMEC reports are triaged and reviewed in Hubstream combined with the rich intelligence from Griffeye Analyze, eliminating the manual reviewing process.

John Hancock, CEO of Hubstream, says: “The combination of Griffeye’s powerful media analysis with Hubstream’s intelligence analysis, visualization and workflow capabilities makes CyberTip ONE uniquely positioned to make a major difference in this challenging environment.”

The impact of this streamlined workflow is not only reduced workload and exposure to CSAM, but most importantly increased victim identification opportunities and elevated capacity to prioritize cyber tips and identify high-quality leads.

Johann Hofmann, CEO of Griffeye, concludes: “Griffeye and Hubstream are both very mission-focused companies, meaning that we are in this game to generate positive impact. By launching CyberTip ONE, I believe that we have an opportunity to really change the way law enforcement manages cyber tips and ultimately impact their ability to identify and safeguard victims.”

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Griffeye revolutionized law enforcement investigation processes with the release of its digital investigation platform in 2015. Today, Griffeye is world-leading in its field and used by over 4,000 police agencies across the world for processing, sorting and analyzing large volumes of images and videos – especially in cases containing child sexual abuse material.

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Hubstream is one of the world’s leading investigative management software platforms used by government agencies and global organizations.  The Hubstream platform combines investigative case management, link analysis and visualization, and hyper-customizable workflows into one easy-to-use product.

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