Overview of organizational changes

Overview of organizational changes
August 6, 2015 Kristofer


What is happening?

Newly created Safer Society Group will become the parent company of two subsidiary businesses, NetClean Technologies and newly launched Griffeye Technologies.

Why is NetClean making this change?

This restructure and the establishment of Safer Society Group will enable each subsidiary to specialize in its respective field. It also creates opportunities to develop new companies in new fields aimed at using technology to help create a safer society. We are already exploring several new opportunities.

What is Safer Society Group?

Safer Society Group will establish and lead technology companies that aim to create a safer and better society. These organisations may develop new technology solutions, but also seek new fields where existing Safer Society Group technologies can do good. It could be to tackle human or organ trafficking, or solve healthcare challenges. If there was a way to provide clean water to everyone in the world through an IT solution, we would take on that challenge too.

What happens to NetClean?

NetClean will stay as a separate company and brand, developing the world’s leading technology solutions to fight sexual abuse material. Its mission, to make a difference, will stay the same. The brands NetClean ProActive and Whitebox stay under the NetClean brand.

What is Griffeye?

NetClean Analyze, the world’s leading digital media investigation platform, will now be lead by Griffeye and rebranded Griffeye Analyze. With the mission to create a safer society, Griffeye will continue to develop the platform, broadening its market to address other challenges and applications in addition to child exploitation. This will include other crimes types, defence, public safety, insurance and healthcare.

What does this mean for me as a customer?

The organizational changes do not have any practical consequences for our customers. All contracts remain unchanged. Safer Society Group will keep the same company number as NetClean Technologies. NetClean Analyze DI, now Griffeye Analyze DI, will remain free of charge for law enforcement working with child sexual abuse investigations. To solidify our commitment to help law enforcement combat child exploitation, Safer Society Group will donate the Analyze technology to ICMEC and the Project VIC initiative, guaranteeing that Analyze DI stays free of charge for this cause.

Can I use the same Analyze DI licence key?

Software and licensing remain unchanged. You will still be able to use the same licence key.

Where can I obtain future software updates?

Updates will be available through www.griffeye.com, using your existing credentials.
My.NetClean becomes My.Griffeye.

How can I sign up for a new account?

New licence keys can be obtained the same way as before, through https://www.griffeye.com/start-your-30-days-free-trial/

What does it mean for me as a partner or supplier?

The changes do not have any practical consequences. All contracts remain unchanged and do not need to be resigned or renegotiated. Safer Society Group will keep the same company number as NetClean Technologies.

What does the donation of the Analyze technology mean?

The donation of the Analyze technology to ICMEC and Project VIC means that law enforcement working with CSA investigations are guaranteed that Analyze DI will remain free of charge. It is also an important way for Griffeye and Safer Society Group to solidify our commitment to fighting child sexual abuse.