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Increase efficiency and solve vital cases faster

A typical Analyze DI user normally uses only a fraction of the software’s full capacity. With Griffeye’s Analyze DI Pro Training, you can be sure you are utilizing the most powerful solution available.

The online training sessions are specifically designed for teams working on child sexual abuse cases, so you will learn how Griffeye Analyze is built to support you in such cases.

Why we offer complimentary online training for all our users

Knowledge is critical – whether you’re starting out or looking to advance. Our aim is that through gained knowledge in Analyze DI, you will be able to increase both the effectiveness and quality of investigations, while decreasing unnecessary exposure and time spent on duplicative work. With the end goal of identifying and saving more victims. Our online training is a substitute for our regular in-class training.

4 day online training

The Griffeye Analyze online training takes place over four days, with each day providing a five-hour session. The courses have been developed to provide attendees with detailed instruction on the features and functions of Analyze DI Pro, and how to use them to reduce workload, achieve better results, and solve more cases in a shorter amount of time.


Analyze Investigator

This course focuses on common investigative workflows with Analyze DI Pro, without the technical aspects of creating cases or setting up a GID. This course is designed for investigators, graders, and victim ID specialists, who are provided a preprocessed case, and possess a limited technical background. 

Analyze Examiner

This course is designed to provide you with the skills and tools to effectively process media files in a criminal investigation. Through lecture and practical exercises, you will learn how to leverage intelligence such as file attributes, EXIF data, andapplication of quality-controlled hash sets.

GID Administrator

This training course is designed to provide you with the skills and tools to build and maintain a GID that will support your specific needs. This course will teach you how to install, configure, manage, and support a shared GID, through hardware selection, software requirements, and troubleshooting common problems through interpreting log files. This course will be taught through lecture and practical application in a virtual environment. 

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