New Griffeye solution to streamline the workflow between examiners and investigators

New Griffeye solution to streamline the workflow between examiners and investigators
March 26, 2021 Sara Ekberg

New Griffeye solution to streamline the workflow between examiners and investigators

Gothenburg, Sweden, March 26, 2021

Today, we are proud to officially launch the first version of the Griffeye Processing Engine. A brand new solution in the Analyze platform built to facilitate a more streamlined workflow between digital forensics units and investigating officers. Griffeye Processing Engine processes the digital media amassed during the extraction and case creation process, then efficiently exports it to the investigations unit so the work can be carried forward in Analyze DI Pro.

The notion of a single police officer working a case manually from end to end has been long gone for quite a few years now. The volume and complexity of examination material, along with growing case backlogs has driven the need for more efficient solutions. The Griffeye Analyze platform has always been built to help investigators work more efficiently, by eliminating cumbersome processes and automating as much of the work as possible. Now, with the launch of Griffeye Processing Engine, we are taking the next step towards an automated approach by beginning to streamline the workflow between examiners and investigators working in the Griffeye Analyze platform.

“One of the biggest challenges our users face is all the manual processing involved in casework,” says Johann Hofmann, CEO of Griffeye. “Tasks are either carried out by staff with different specialized skills working within separate departments, or outsourced to commercial agencies—and there’s lakes of data between these collaborating units. So, there’s a huge need for a solution that can be applied to existing workflows in Griffeye Analyze and allow our users to push cases forward, without interruption of manual processes.”

Simply put, Griffeye Processing Engine allows forensic teams and investigators to collaborate through the Griffeye Analyze platform. Forensic examiners and units who are already benefiting from an automated workflow, with a series of integrated tools, will now have an additional tool at hand that will help them get work done more quickly. Consequently, in the next step, investigators will benefit from far better conditions for carrying out their work in Analyze DI Pro—without any obstacles in between.

“Many forensic units are under a lot of pressure to get cases created and out of the door as quickly as possible,” Hofmann continues.“This means they simply can’t afford any additional processes that add to processing time. But, for the investigators who take on the case in the next step, this results in a lot of manual work that could have been avoided if the examiners had had the tools needed from the very start to apply machine learning and other advanced capabilities.”

With the newly integrated Griffeye Processing Engine, forensic units will now have the capacity to crunch more cases while, at the same time, better support the work of investigators and, ultimately, help elevate case results. And the version released today is just the first of many. The Griffeye Processing Engine will be further developed and fine-tuned in several upcoming stages. The goal is to support units already working with automation today and, eventually, offer a solution that enables units to automate entire workflows—from extraction and case creation, to the final case report.

“We are taking the first step towards facilitating future-proofed, automated processes between collaborating units,” says Hofmann. “Luckily, we can see that many forces are increasingly moving towards this type of automation, and we want to give them the best technical support we possibly can to help them continue on that road using the Griffeye Analyze Platform. Looking ahead, we see a lot of potential for the Griffeye Processing Engine. Ultimately, it’s going to help our users significantly reduce case backlogs, and save more victims.”

About Griffeye

Griffeye revolutionized law enforcement investigation processes with the release of its digital investigation platform in 2015. Today, Griffeye is world-leading in its field and used by over 4,000 police agencies across the world for processing, sorting and analyzing large volumes of images and videos – especially in cases containing child sexual abuse material.

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