NetClean Analyze becomes Griffeye Analyze

NetClean Analyze becomes Griffeye Analyze
August 6, 2015 Kristofer

NetClean Analyze becomes Griffeye Analyze

Today we are excited to announce that the world’s leading digital media investigation platform, NetClean Analyze, has moved into a new peer company called Griffeye. The solutions are now rebranded as Griffeye Analyze Digital Investigator (DI) & Collaboration Server (CS). Griffeye will actively push boundaries and continue to broaden its markets beyond child exploitation to tackle other challenges and find use-applications where the intelligence and visual big data Analyze platform will help do good.

“Griffeye will continue to work towards creating a safer and better society, but will focus efforts on addressing new challenges and facilitating needs in work that involve managing and investigating large volumes of images and videos,” says Johann Hofmann, in his new role as Head of Griffeye.

“We have already seen the great benefits of Analyze in investigations concerning child exploitation crimes and the platform has proven to increase efficiency and generate superior results in any investigation containing large volumes of images and videos. In addition to various types of crime in law enforcement, Analyze has great use in other industries too, for example defense, public safety, insurance, and health care.”

The rebrand and reorganization will not have any practical consequences for customers and users of Griffeye Analyze. The tool will remain free of charge for law enforcement working with child sexual abuse investigations.

The rebrand of Analyze is part of a larger reorganization, where both Griffeye and NetClean become subsidiaries to the newly created parent company Safer Society Group.

“The reason behind this change is to enable each subsidiary company to specialize and remain world leaders within its respective field. The new structure also opens up opportunities to develop new companies under Safer Society Group. Examples could be using technical solutions to fight human trafficking or illegal organ trade,” says Christian Berg, CEO of Safer Society Group.

The rebrand means that the products NetClean Analyze DI and NetClean Analyze CS become Griffeye Analyze DI and Griffeye Analyze CS.