Meet us at the Crimes Against Children Conference

Meet us at the Crimes Against Children Conference
August 6, 2019 Sara Ekberg

Meet us at the Crimes Against Children Conference

Dallas, 12th-15th of August

Are you planning on going to the Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas next week? If so, we’d love to meet you and get your input.

We will be there all four days to talk with you and walk you through the latest in the Griffeye Analyze platform. Such as the new GID, a built-in service in the Analyze platform which allows multiple users from different teams, regions or even countries to seamlessly share the latest information. Or Griffeye Brain, our AI technology which automatically scans through previously unseen material and suggests images that it believes depict child sexual abuse content. In the near future, Griffeye Brain will also be further improved with a new object classifier that has the capacity to identify multiple objects in one single image, something we’re excited to tell you more about.

All in all, a lot is happening at Griffeye right now – and we can’t wait to share it with you and get your feedback and input. So, please stop by our booth and talk with us. We look forward to meeting you there!

Join our lecture on Wednesday, Aug 14th at 8.30 am:
Using Technology to Protect Investigators – A Mental Health Discussion

Come talk with one of us at the conference:

Johann Hofmann,
CEO of Griffeye
[email protected]

Pelle Garå,
Deputy CEO of Griffeye
[email protected]

Eric Oldenburg,
Law Enforcement Liaison, Griffeye
[email protected]

Need help tailoring the optimal Analyze solution for you and your team? Contact [email protected], or get us to help you at the conference!

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