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Meet Magnus Hedlund, new Senior Solutions…
March 8, 2017 Kristofer

Meet Magnus Hedlund, new Senior Solutions Executive in APAC

He has over twenty years’ experience of relationship-based sales, a great professional network and detailed knowledge of working in the APAC region.

He is also Sweden-based, with a love of travelling and a passion for local restaurants and street food. Meet Magnus Hedlund, our new Senior Solutions Executive, responsible for the Asian and Pacific market.

How does it feel to take on the Asian and Pacific markets for Griffeye?

Griffeye has had great success in Europe and North America, and I am really excited to leverage that on the Asian and Pacific markets. The Asian market has enormous potential, partly because of the size of the territory, and partly because there is great need and demand for a product like Griffeye Analyze – just like in the rest of the world. There is really no equivalent product and the amount of images and videos in investigations increase at an insane pace.

From my background of working with the Asian and Pacific markets, I have built an extensive network and strong relationships with great partners.

The Asian market is enormous. How do you plan to take it on?

Our strategy is to work through carefully selected partners that know the industry, the market and our potential customers. Those partners already work with the right customers today, so it is about building long-term, qualitative relationships.

In my experience Asians are usually open to new technology, and new innovations in general. There is always a willingness to listen and learn from what happens in other parts of the world. Also, there is little fear of being first to try or implement technology.

Why are relationships so important?

To me sales is about relationships, storytelling and solving the customers’ problems. I work by placing the product in the customers’ daily work and visualizing how it can solve challenges and problems. Many of my customers have over time become close friends, and we continue to do business together.

The importance of building great relationships is equally important for our partners. Just to mention a few examples, it is amazing to join Joey at S-Tech in Hong Kong in meetings with customers, and see how highly appreciated she is and the great relationships that she builds. Or Nathapong at CFI in Thailand, where you can really see that he and his team are trusted advisors to their customers.

Another example is Stan at Pt. Cipta Abadi Sekawan in Indonesia. I have gone to meetings with him where people stick their heads out their office windows to call out hello, and go far out of their way to talk to him. That’s when you know that you’re working with the right people.

What do you like best about traveling for work?

Meeting people – new acquaintances and dear friends – and again, building those real, personal relationships that are so important for creating trust and long-term business relationships. But I also love experiencing new cultures, and being a real foodie I always make sure to try the local cuisine. Having a meeting at a street food place works just as well, sometimes better, than in an office. I have favorite treats in every country; Korean barbecue, chili crab in Singapore, and in Thailand and Malaysia there is no end to the great food, just to mention a few.

The best breakfasts in Asia can, in my opinion, be found in Singapore and in Tokyo. At the Pan Pacific in Singapore there is every great thing imaginable on the buffet. And at The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo the breakfast, like everything else in Japan, is minimalistic but made to perfection.

Finally, how do you feel about working at Griffeye?

I am really proud to be here! It is a great company, with a great product. This is a company with genuinely passionate people and a very positive spirit, and I have felt very welcome from the start.  I also really love doing something that contributes to a better society. That what I do actually helps investigators to be more efficient and effective at their jobs.

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