February 6, 2017 Kristofer


Mediarecovery owns one of the biggest Computer Forensics laboratories in Europe, where the search and analysis of digital evidence is conducted, including the analyses of information security infringement, hacking, data leaks, frauds and malpractices are processed.

Moreover, the laboratory specializes in data recovery and data erase. The specialists of Mediarecovery are the most experienced on the Polish market in analyzing digital information, including incident information, network intrusion, unethical or illegal activities of employees. More than 6500 expertise have been performed so far.

Mediarecovery also implements the systems of data security, applications and IT infrastructure in enterprises and institutions. The company is a distributor of IT security solutions produced by RSA, FireEye, Guidance Software, Symantec, MobileIron.

Unique combination of skills and experience made the Mediarecovery one of the few companies which comprehensively deals with the safety of the whole process of digital data – from preventive measures (IT security systems), through activities related to the exploration of digital evidence (computer forensics) , and ending with the irretrievable data erasure (development and production of equipment eg. degaussers).

Mediarecovery implemented Information Security Management System based on the standard CEI / IEC ISO 27001:2013. The system guarantees that the company fulfills all the legal requirements and gives maximum protection of the processed and stored information.

In 2008 Mediarecovery was certified by the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) that confirms that process of classifying information is safe.

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