Launch of parent company Safety Society Group

Launch of parent company Safety Society Group
August 6, 2015 Kristofer


Today, Safer Society Group has launched, established as part of a new organizational structure the company will act as a parent company to NetClean and Griffeye. The group’s mission will be to establish and lead technology companies helping to create a safer and better society.

“Safer Society Group has been launched to help tackle social ills through technology, for a safer and better society. For example technology could be used to tackle human trafficking or black-market organ trading, or solve healthcare challenges. If there was a way to provide clean water to everyone in the world through an IT solution, we would take on that challenge too,” says Christian Berg, CEO and founder of Safer Society Group.

The new company structure will enable the existing subsidiary businesses, NetClean and Griffeye to specialize and remain world leaders in their respective fields.

“The new structure also gives us opportunities to develop new companies where we see that we can make a difference. We are already exploring several new opportunities,” concluded Christian Berg.