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Guidance Software in partnership with Griffeye
June 14, 2016 Kristofer

Guidance Software in partnership with Griffeye

EnCase Forensic becomes Project VIC compliant and integrates with Griffeye Analyze using the VICS data model. That was recently announced at the Enfuse conference in Las Vegas. The integration will serve all users of Griffeye Analyze, enabling more seamless forensic investigations.

Johann Hofmann, Head of Griffeye, commented:
“I’m pleased to have an influential and well-established player like Guidance Software fully on board the Project VIC ecosystem. This will have a big impact on forensic investigators, who will be able to seamlessly process and analyze data. Leveraging the Project VIC data model to enable an integrated workflow between EnCase and Griffeye Analyze means users can now share data with a simple button click and more easily highlight critical clues.”

For child exploitation cases the collaboration with Project VIC and Griffeye will mean built-in integration with the Project VIC hash library of known victims of child exploitation. This will enable users to more quickly identify known victims and focus their efforts on finding the unknown victims. EnCase Forensic users will also be able to contribute their findings to Project VIC, helping the entire community.

Encase Forensic 8 will be available in late June.

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