Griffeye training — David Haddad

Griffeye training — David Haddad
November 7, 2023 Kristin Berglund


“A major factor is the early adoption of Griffeye Analyze in my career, and the deep integration into our investigative process that has made the single largest impact in keeping in the fight so long.”

David Haddad is a detective with 18 years of experience in law enforcement, specializing in Digital Forensics. He has spent the last twelve years as a full-time Digital Forensics Detective with the Phoenix Police Department and serves as the Senior Digital Forensics Examiner for the Arizona ICAC Taskforce.

He also works as a Law Enforcement Digital Forensics Consultant for the United Nations AI 4 Safer Children initiative. In addition to his investigative work, he has been instructing other investigators on using Griffeye Analyze for eight years and actively develops free software tools for other digital forensic professionals.

What is your favorite feature in Griffeye Analyze, and why?

My favorite feature is so tough to nail down. If I had to pick just one, I’d say the basic video analysis functionality that basically creates a scrubbable GIF of each video that allows you to review hundreds of videos in just a few minutes, eliminating the need to ever open or fully watch most video content.

What well-being feature do you feel is most important when it comes to protecting your mental health?

I may have two, one that is officially a ‘Well-being feature’, the Hide File Content Button. But another that I think does even more for wellbeing when implemented to full potential is our shared GID. If investigators fully embrace the use of this tool and do so in a collaborative manner with other investigators locally, or even on a larger regional basis, it has the potential to make the single largest impact on reducing investigator exposure.

What is the best thing about being a trainer for Griffeye?

Having the privilege to give other dedicated investigators the tools they need to be successful in CSAM investigations. There’s a lot of institutional knowledge in the profession that can go a long way toward easing the burden of these investigations, but unfortunately isn’t always passed on and communicated to new investigators in the field.  Providing them with workflows and tools that will make them 100x more effective, and watching that lightbulb moment when that happens is a true honor.

Most used keyboard shortcut?

I would say the ‘U’ key, that allows you to quickly apply an additional filter to search results to show only uncategorized files.

What courses do you teach? 

Analyze Examiner
Analyze Investigator
GID Administrator



What is the most common question/comment you get when teaching Griffeye Analyze?

One of the most common questions when teaching the Griffeye platform comes when I say how long I’ve been conducting these types of investigations, and how I’ve stayed with it. There’s a lot of important general mental wellness mechanisms I’ve put in place to help be successful. However, a major factor  is the early adoption of Griffeye Analyze in my career, and the deep integration into our investigative process that has made the single largest impact in keeping in the fight so long.

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