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Griffeye strengthens its EMEA presence
May 15, 2017 Kristofer

Griffeye strengthens its EMEA presence

With four new sales partners covering seven European countries and South Africa, Griffeye has further strengthened its presence in the EMEA region. It’s the latest step on Griffeye’s journey to get even closer to customers and the user community around the world. And by no means the last. 

Johann Hofmann, Head of Griffeye, describes the new expanded network,

“The new partner contracts will strengthen our coverage of Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and South Africa, providing closer sales and support to new and existing customers and users.”

Johann points out that this isn’t just an exciting development for Griffeye – it’s also good news for customers.

“The volume of images and videos in the world is still rising and shows no sign of slowing down. Nowhere is that more true and more of an issue than in our customers’ world of law enforcement, national security and defense where they of course need to capture and analyze these files as a matter of urgency. But we always find that the closer we get to the Griffeye users, the more help we give them and the more they can get from our technology. All of which helps investigators to be more effective and efficient at their job – and after all, seeing them getting results is what drives us.”

The new partners also bring their own unique skills to the table, which in turn brings even more value to their local customers. As Griffeye’s Senior Solutions Executive, Magnus Hedlund, explains,

“Each new partner is highly experienced with deep knowledge of their particular market. We expect customers and users to see that as a big positive going forward.”

That deep knowledge of markets has already had an effect.

“Several new opportunities and customer agreements are already in the pipeline,” says Johann.

New partners:

  • BeNeLux: DataExpert BV
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland: mh SERVICE GmbH
  • Poland: Mediarecovery Sp. z o.o.
  • South Africa: Risk Diversion

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