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Griffeye releases new intelligence database – and makes large-scale police collaboration possible
June 14, 2019 Sara Ekberg

Griffeye releases new intelligence database – and makes large-scale police collaboration possible

Gothenburg, Sweden, June 14, 2019 Griffeye, one of the world’s premier platforms for managing, building and sharing digital media intelligence, and used by law enforcement agencies across the world, today announced the release of Griffeye Intelligence Database (GID).

This new database will replace the previous Griffeye hash database, DB Manager, to speed up matching processes and lets investigators work more collaboratively and build on each other’s casework.

The Griffeye Intelligence Database lets investigators work together and share intelligence internationally, nationally, between districts and within teams by connecting them through different standalone databases.

“I believe that GID has the potential to revolutionize the ability to collaborate in modern policing,” said Johann Hofmann, CEO of Griffeye. “In a time where forensic backlogs keep on growing, along with the exponential growth of the volumes of data that are constantly being seized, it’s critical to turn overwhelming amounts of data into an asset to increase efficiency and crack more cases.”

As well as connecting investigators across teams and regions, and opening up for seamless information sharing, the Griffeye Intelligence Database is designed to maximize performance while minimizing database administration time. It eliminates the need to manually exchange information as investigators can seamlessly match against each other’s records without having to import and export data.

“The key to reducing the redundancy of work between investigators, across units and regions is the sharing of high-quality data,” said Hofmann. “The GID will enable the capacity to build and share intelligence to increase the quality of investigations.“ 

Further, the GID also has the capacity to handle larger, and constantly growing, amounts of data over time. Investigators will not only be able to have immediate use of recent casework, but also from work done in the past.

Ultimately, the rapid matching of records, as well as the efficient and secure way of sharing intelligence, helps investigators avoid latency, gives them access to the latest information at all times and helps build them on each other’s casework.

The Griffeye Intelligence Database is a built-in service within the Analyze platform.

About Griffeye

Griffeye provides one of the world’s premier software platforms for digital media investigations. Used by law enforcement, defense and national security agencies across the globe, the platform gives investigators and intelligence professionals a leg up on ever-increasing volumes of image and video files.

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