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Griffeye partners with Amped to create…
December 6, 2016 Kristofer

Griffeye partners with Amped to create ‘one stop shop’ for forensics community

Partnership provides integrated tools to improve investigation efficiency

Gothenburg, Sweden, 6 December 2016 – In response to the growing volume and varying quality of data involved in forensic investigations, Griffeye, the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform, has partnered with Amped Software, the leading provider of forensic image and video analysis solutions to address some of the biggest challenges facing forensic communities today. The partnership will ensure users can swiftly perform higher volumes of image identification and analysis to more efficiently investigate evidence.

“As data grows exponentially, the complexity of the data also evolves at the same pace. It has become critical for law enforcers and forensics teams to move faster than ever before without missing out on pertinent leads. This has left customers crying out for integrated tools that can speed up proceedings, while staying focused” said Johann Hofmann, Head of Griffeye.

Griffeye’s Analyze DI and Analyze CS can be used to handle large volumes of images and videos, filter irrelevant digital files, prioritise, correlate and identify the most pertinent material in investigations. Amped FIVE, Amped Authenticate and Amped DVRConv enable in-depth analysis of images and videos, convert unplayable videos to standard formats, detect tampering of material, and enhance quality of video files to provide an overview of any content requiring further analysis. Using an open API, images and videos can now be passed between Griffeye and Amped, removing the labour intensive process of bringing evidence separately into each application.

“This partnership ensures we can better serve our joint customers by enabling faster and more efficient analysis of forensic images and videos in one workflow,” said Martino Jerian, Founder and CEO at Amped Software. “By combining our two technologies, it will allow rich information to easily flow from one tool to the other in digital media investigations and open up new opportunities. We are proud to work with a company that reflects our own aims, ambitions and approach to customers – working closely with them to ensure users gain maximum benefit from well-serviced technology.”

“Through our partnership, customers will be able to connect state of the art tools, streamline the process of analysing content and improve the overall turnaround of investigations,” Hofmann added. “Together, we join a new breed of companies with the shared goal of building a network of technologies that will significantly impact the investigatory market and empower teams to deliver results.”

About Griffeye

Griffeye provides the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform for digital media investigations handling images and video. Griffeye Analyze DI, CS operations and CS enterprise can be used in any investigation containing digital material for industries including law enforcement, defense, and national security. Griffeye was initially part of NetClean, with a focus on child sexual abuse (CSA) investigations. In 2015 it became a separate brand from and peer company to NetClean and a subsidiary to Safer Society Group. For more information, visit:

About Amped

Amped Software develops technologies for the analysis, enhancement and authentication of images and video for forensic, security and investigative applications. Amped Software products are used by law enforcement, government agencies, forensic labs and security companies worldwide. Founded in 2008 in Trieste, Italy, Amped Software’s single mission is to create the one-stop software for any image and video processing need related to security and investigations. For more information, visit:

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