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Griffeye Technologies opens US subsidiary
March 31, 2017 Kristofer

Griffeye opens US subsidiary

Griffeye opens a subsidiary in USA, that will give North American customers closer support in their valuable work. Griffeye Inc. will be located in the greater DC area and headed by Rey Navarro.

“This marks an important step for us in getting closer to one of our key markets, and bring dedicated North American support and service to new and existing customers. A local US presence, will also mean an increased ability to explore new markets such as national security and defense”, says Johann Hofmann, Director and Head of Griffeye.

Rey Navarro will be heading the new office. He has more than a decade of experience within digital forensics as well as extensive contacts throughout the law enforcement, military, and intelligence communities. In addition, he is President of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), an international community of criminal investigators and industry partners whose aim is to educate and collaborate for the prevention and investigation of high-tech crimes.

“I have the right tools in my toolkit to take Griffeye to the next level in North America,” says Rey. “And I am truly honored to lead Griffeye’s first subsidiary outside of Sweden – and to be at the forefront of a big step in Griffeye’s history. There’s a huge demand over here, not to mention a loyal following that has been eager for us to do this.”

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Another benefit of the US subsidiary will be the opportunity to offer more user training, which is a key focus for Griffeye.

“The tools within Griffeye Analyze are built with the user in mind, so they’re easy to use,” says Johann. ”But they also have great power. With training, users quickly get to grips with the full functionality and they can become much more productive. And, most importantly, get better and quicker results in their investigations.”

Want to get in touch with Rey?

If you would like to contact Rey Navarro, please e-mail [email protected].

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