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Griffeye integrates with BlueBear’s LACE Carver
October 31, 2018 Sara Ekberg

Griffeye integrates with BlueBear’s LACE Carver

With the technical integration between Analyze DI Pro and LACE Carver, users will be able to handle the whole investigations chain from one single platform. This will help investigators to save time, work more effectively, and get hold of data that would otherwise be near impossible to find.

Gothenburg, Sweden, Oct 31, 2018 –Griffeye, one of the world’s premier platforms for managing, building and sharing digital media, today announced the technical integration with the best-in-class LACE Carver from BlueBear.  

Both solutions are already used by law enforcement agencies across the world. However, using two separate solutions – one tool to extract data and another tool to import it to be analyzed – doesn’t allow for the optimal workflow and often result in longer turnaround times. With the integration, forensic examiners and investigators will be able to handle the whole investigations chain from one single platform, saving time and increasing workflow effectiveness.

“For our combined users, this means that they will get a very powerful extraction tool as part of the tools that they are already using,” said Antoine Normand, CEO at BlueBear. “Integrating the LACE Carver into the Griffeye Analyze platform and marketplace is a huge step towards making sure investigators have everything they need to do their job.”

Carving tools are used to locate and extract data. They can extract data that is otherwise very difficult, or nearly impossible, to find, such as data that has been partially overwritten, or images and videos embedded in other file types. With the LACE Carver integrated into the Griffeye Analyze platform, the data is automatically extracted from the device and imported directly into the Griffeye Analyze platform as part of the same process. The LACE Carver is integrated as an optional add-on, available to Griffeye Analyze DI Pro users. 

“The possibility to extract and carve data in Griffeye’s solutions is something that our users have asked for, and as we always try to listen to input from our users, it became a priority for us,” said Johann Hofmann, CEO at Griffeye. “The aim of this partnership is to provide investigators with the means to do their job more effectively, leading to reduced workloads and cases being solved quicker.”

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Griffeye provides the world’s premier platform for digital media investigations involving large volumes of images and videos. Griffeye Analyze DI Core, DI Pro, CS operations and CS enterprise can be used in any investigation containing digital material, and are used by law enforcement, defense, and national security.

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