Griffeye at work — Rebecca Walter

Griffeye at work — Rebecca Walter
July 1, 2022 Gabriela Badea


“I knew I needed to get involved in a greater cause”

When Rebecca Walter stepped away from her career in law enforcement and into civilian life, she knew she wanted to keep making a difference in the world. Her next steps ultimately led to Griffeye. In December 2021, she joined the team and started working as a Territory Sales Representative at our US office. Here, she tells us more about why she resonates with the Griffeye mission, and shares what it’s like to be part of our growing team in Fort Collins, Colorado.

What is your role at Griffeye?

I am currently in charge of US sales. Since Griffeye opened up the US office in December, I have been the sole sales representative here. We are rapidly growing the US office so it’s been a fun experience getting to know our US customers and also growing our US customer base. We now have another sales representative for the US office and are looking for more to join the team!

How did you end up working at Griffeye?

I left a career in law enforcement and knew I needed to get involved in a greater cause, and I always pictured myself being involved in something on a bigger scale. I found Griffeye and, although I didn’t know much about the company, something just felt right when I met John Madsen, the COO of Griffeye US. John talked so passionate about Griffeye and how our tools help investigators on a global level. It was at this point that I knew I wanted to be involved with Griffeye and growing the US office. I would also like to add that the whole company is compiled of amazing smart, passionate people who inspire me daily.

What does the team look like at the Fort Collins office? 

Well, the US office is just getting up and running, but we are growing rapidly, and every week looks a little different. We now have two sales representatives, one customer success representative, one person working with customer care and John, who is the COO. We also have two employees who work remotely full time, and that’s Eric Oldenburg and Jay Huston who are both Law Enforcement liaisons.  

What’s it like working at a company with HQ in Sweden? 

This has probably been the hardest part of my transition into civilian life. I have been so used to government work and reporting to a supervisor every morning. Working for a Swedish company is so different from the fast, hustle and bustle of working as a Police Officer. I have enjoyed slowing down and really getting to know the company and our clients, and learning how we are helping with their investigations. With the time difference between Colorado and Gothenburg Sweden, we normally have time early in the morning to have meetings and get issues sorted out. I have really enjoyed working with a Swedish company thus far.

How does Griffeye’s mission “To serve those who protect” come through in the work culture? 

The Griffeye Mission is the backbone of the company. It shows how much Griffeye cares about our law enforcement partners and the important work they are doing. We at Griffeye care about the mental health of the investigators and know how strenuous their investigation are—this is why we are one of the only companies who offer a free product because, at the end of the day, we care about the health and wellbeing of the investigators. With every decision we make, we always have the best interest of the those who protect in mind.

What makes Griffeye unique, in your opinion? 

Griffeye is unique in the fact that it is the only company I have ever heard of or been involved with that cares more about law enforcement and helping with the war on Child Sexual Abuse material than padding their own pocketbooks. This company is so genuine, and they truly care about our law enforcement partners and rescuing children around the world.

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Join our US team! We’re hiring a new Territory Sales Representative.

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